Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Commercial Ultraviolet Systems

Ultraviolet systems are becoming increasingly the popular choice for disinfection of commercial/industrial water supplies. Neotec supplies and installs  UV systems from 12 GPM to 800 GPM. Both NSF certified and non-NSF systems are available in 110/220V in various materials of construction.

Complete packaged UV disinfection systems that include water pre-treatment and system monitoring can be customized to suit individual needs.

Trojan UV
UV Pure's "Hallett" NSF validated SystemsSterilight "Platinum"
NSF Validated Systems



Sterilight UV Systems:
Product Brochure
(366K, PDF)

Sterilight "Platinum" NSF Validated Systems:
Product Brochure
(152K, PDF)

UV Pure's "Hallett":
Product Brochure
(25K, PDF)