Chlorination Systems

Water Disinfection!

Chlorination is the most widely used method of disinfection. Besides disinfection, chlorine oxidizes iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and organics in the water giving a highly cost-effective and efficient water treatment solution.

Neotec chlorination systems incorporate high quality solenoid driven metering pumps or peristaltic pumps to provide accurate and consistent metering.

Some features of the Neotec Chlorination Systems are:
  • Customized to suit different flow rates.
  • Wall, Panel or skid mounted systems.
  • System can be pulse-activated or meter-activated as required.
  • 4-20mA output for monitoring capability.
  • Double-duty configuration (providing duty/standby service) optional.
  • Chlorine residual control
  • Auto de-gassing head pumps (no airlock)
  • Minimum operator attention







Neotec Chlorination systems are designed to meet stringent specifications for complying with drinking water disinfection regulations.