Filter Cartridges & Housings

Sediment Filters: Neotec supplies String Wound, Melt Blown (Spun) & Pleated filter cartridges from renowned manufacturers. All depth filters are graded density for maximum dirt holding and have minimal pressure drops with high removal efficiencies at the specified rating. They are all-polypropylene made with NSF listed components and safe for use for human consumption.

Filter cartridges are available in micron ratings from 100 micron nominal  to 0.2 micron absolute. These cartridges are available in various lengths and diameters to fit most standard housings.

Carbon Filter Cartridges: Carbon cartridges are available in block & granular styles. Special carbon cartridges that remove specific contaminants like lead or cysts in addition to chlorine are also available.

Filter Housings:  Neotec stocks and supplies all-Polypropylene filter housings to suit 10" and 20" length filters and diameters up to 4.5". Pressure-relief valve (air-vent valve) is standard on most housings and a choice of transparent and opaque sumps and different housing colors are available.

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